"Do you want to open a plant shop with me?"


Gro Plants in Gorleston, Norfolk was founded after a somewhat 'brief' conversation between sisters-in-law, Grace and Rowan.

Rowan (L) and Grace (R) Moore open Gro, Gorleston in June 2022.

Both have had a passion for houseplants and refurbished homewares for many years, and throughout a number of lockdowns following the Covid-19 pandemic, this passion became something a little bit more.

Towards the end of 2021, the above conversation happened and, combining their extensive experience of retail, management, marketing and business development, 6 months later, Gro opened its very first shop in the unique setting of Bells Road, Gorleston.

Offering over 60 different types of plants, there really is something for everyone from the novice, to the experienced plant lover. For desks, for presents, for decoration, for wellbeing, or perhaps just because, visit Grace and Rowan at Gro today.

Gro's next steps:
*Gro Monthly: a subscription service

And the name (if you haven't already guessed it) is somewhat fortuitous in its creation: G(race) and Ro(wan).